THIS SSE 10 Hot Football Betting Tips That You Should Know About

The most common sport associated with sports betting is without a doubt football betting. This isn’t only the biggest sport, but also the biggest in the world and it, therefore, makes sense that bookies target football more than any other sport out there. With a lot of leagues, odds, and markets out there, there are heaps of opportunities to create your own betting style and pursue your own profits. 


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Betting on football, however, differs from game to game, league to league and tournament to tournament, meaning no match is the same and you will always need to keep yourself updated when you place your own bets. With our 10 football betting tips, we hope to help you prepare yourself for your next bet. With sufficient knowledge and research, you will become a better-informed punter, which should lead to more wins in the long run. Let’s make your next bet a winning one.

Tip 1: Choose the right Football Betting Website

Football betting has shifted from the traditional bookmaker offices to online operators and as there are many online sportsbooks to choose from, the first step is to find a bookie of value. On Bet Builder website, we cover all the criteria you’ll need to pay attention to when selecting your preferred bookie and we even have a complete list of the top bookmakers in the UK. All of our recommended bookmakers are licenced, offer fair odds, and work with proper terms and conditions. Choosing the right online sportsbook has therefore become a lot easier, but at the end it’s on you to decide where you want to bet. 

Tip 2: Claim your Free bet

Although criteria to choose for a particular bookmaker do vary amongst bettors, free bets are definitely considered to be one of the most important incentives. A lot of football betting sites offer free bets giving new visitors an opportunity to get familiar with their football betting platform in a rather fun way. By making use of these free bets you will be able to lower your financial risk when making your first bet. Do note however that free bets come with terms and conditions and that the overall service depends on a lot more than just a free bets bonus. For this same reason we highly recommend the following bookmakers:

Betsson Free Bet
NordicBet Free Bet
Betsafe Free Bet

Tip 3: Understanding the Math of Odds and Probability 

Signing up at the right bookmaker should also depend on the odds being offered. These odds 
can in fact help decide whether a wager is actually worth pursuing or not. Probability plays a major role when talking about odds and the basic idea behind this is pretty straightforward. 

Probability is nothing else than a measure of how likely an event is to happen, and is commonly stated as a decimal between 0 and 1.0 in which 0 stands for impossibility and 1 stands for certainty. Probability can also be shown as a percentage, with 0% indicating impossibility and 100% indicating certainty. Probability in football betting, however, can turn out a bit tricky. It is nearly impossible to define probabilities in football games as there are innumerous factors that come into play. What you can do is try to calculate what you think is the chance of a certain outcome to happen. In fact, this is exactly what online bookies do with their odds. 

While these odds do reflect a relative likelihood, they are not completely accurate representations and also build in some margin for the house. When we talk about odds we also need to distinguish between 3 types of odds:

Fractional odds: also referred to as British odds or traditional odds which are usually represented as either a fraction, like 5/1, or a ratio, like five-to-one.
Decimal odds: represents the amount that is won for every £1 that is wagered. For example, if the odds are 2.00 that Chelsea wins, the payout is £200 for every £100 wagered.
American odds: sometimes referred to as moneyline odds. American odds are shown with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign, with the latter + sign assigned to the lower probability event with the subsequently higher payout.

Tips 4: Use your Knowledge to Pick out Valuable odds

Different from other games of chance, sports betting gives experts more probability to win a bet than those who don’t have any inside info. You should therefore always be eager to gather knowledge and become an expert in football on the whole or even in a smaller domain like a certain football league. Make sure you keep yourself updated on all relevant data so that you can make your own judgement about the fairness of odds for these sport events. 
Every sportsbook applies its own odds and with the right knowledge you should be able to find the most valuable bets. Know your sport, know your market, and know your odds.

Tips 5: Stay on top of the game by reading Football Predictions

The more you know about football, the higher your chances your bet turns out a winning one. As there are innumerous ways to make your bet the market can become a bit daunting though. Luckily there are a lot of sources and football tipsters that help you stay on track. We therefore highly recommend the following websites to make better football predictions:

Oddschecker: Oddschecker’s team of in-house sports experts come up with useful football tips every week, making sure you are fully informed for your next bet. At Oddschecker you’ll find a wide collection of free football betting tips on all kinds of national football games, ranging from Premier League info to Championship info, and international leagues like the Spanish Primera División and the German Bundesliga.

Free Super Tips: at Free Super Tips expert football tipsters analyse statistics, latest results, team news, and a lot more, giving you a lot of valuable information to make your next selections. From day-to-day analyses to detailed statistics, at Free Super Tips they know what they’re doing when it comes to football betting. 

Betsson’s weekly predictor: the same holds for Bettson, which has impressively managed to become the preferred bookmaker amongst punters in the whole of Europe. Every week you can find useful information at their weekly predictor which you can use to make your next bet.

Tips 6: Watch football news & Follow social media channels:

As football fans share the same passion for the game, there are a lot of football experts that are willing to share their thoughts. One of the most useful football social media channels is 
Bettingexpert. This is basically a social network for sports betting and on this channel, you 
will find daily up to 5 daily tips videos compiled by their community of proven profitable football tipsters. Betting Expert was launched in 2015 and has been going strong ever since.

Check out Betting Expert’s Youtube channel:

Our own team of football betting experts also make sure you’re fully covered on the latest news about football games, fixtures, and competitions coming up. Thanks to our frequent sports betting guides we try to make it easier to place your next football bet.

Tips 7: Make sure you have fast payouts

In the digital world of online betting websites, there is a rather vast span of times in which sportsbooks process their withdrawal requests. While some of these bookies tend to be super slow, others guarantee fast payouts, although this also depends on the requested payment method. Nobody likes to wait for their winnings, and we’re guessing this also counts for you. We therefore advise you to stick to reputable bookmakers that pay out fast. We do want to stress, however, that there’s more than just the processing time of the bookie. 

Banking method: as mentioned above, there are some major differences between, for example, the processing time of a credit card payment and a withdrawal made with an e-wallet like Trustly or Skrill. Choosing for an e-wallet payment can make just as much of a difference as choosing for a certain bookmaker. 

Verified account: we also want to urge you to make sure that you’re completely verified at the time you’re thinking of requesting a payout. In many cases, online sportsbooks won’t process any withdrawal requests until you’ve submitted all the documents in order to complete your verification. Required documents typically include proof of residence and identification such as a driver’s licence. By taking care of this on time, you won’t run into any delays when you request a withdrawal. 

Tips 8: Master accumulator bets for bigger payouts

To become a successful punter you will need to be able to read the game like coaches and players do. One way to challenge yourself is by mastering accumulator bets as football accumulators are one of the most dynamic ways to bet on sport. The introduction of football accumulators in online sports betting also led to a drastic change in sports betting. While traditional sports betting stuck to wins, losses and ties, accumulators make it possible to pick 4 or more selections to make your bet on. This way you can bet on different elements of the same game, giving you higher payouts if your bet turns out to be a lucky one. At Bet Builder we usually stick to 5 selections at most as we consider this to give us a fair risk to reward ratio.

Tips 9: Bet wisely and stay within your budget

One of the most important factors of a successful sports betting strategy is proper bankroll management. Bankroll management allows you to increase the longevity of your bets and help to work yourself up to becoming a professional bettor. The main idea of a well thought bank management approach is to bet wisely and always stick within your budget. We therefore recommend you to: 

Set a budget: you must manage your bankroll at all times. First, you will need to think of the maximum amount you want to play with. By working with a predefined budget you can deposit your money to your account and stick to this amount by setting a deposit limit. A lot of bookmakers offer this option, so make sure you make use of it. 

Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose: nobody likes to lose money, but losing money is part of online gambling. You need to be prepared for this as every punter will bump into losses. Therefore always stick to the amounts you can afford to lose. Take your losses and don’t worry too much about it as you’re working with a fixed budget.

Don’t chase losses: always try to keep your head clear, especially when you have lost money. Whatever you do, don’t expect to win twice as much all of a sudden if you keep playing, as every game means a new start. After losing money players often tend to get emotional and show compensational behaviour. Don’t chase losses.

Tips 10: Learn the List by Heart and Become a true Football Tipster

A lot of punters have become successful and the serious bettors will strive to maximise their profits over a longer period of time. Over the last few years we have seen how football tipping services have helped out bettors making their wins. More and more punters use the services of experienced football tipsters, while some become football tipsters themselves thanks to having gained more knowledge and experience. Reputable tipsters offer thoroughly researched, and analytical tips with the idea to help others gain a profit as well. Some will do this for free, while others charge a feee. It is important to make the right pick when you want to follow a football tipster. A football tipster’s reputation therefore depends on criteria like the winning percentage, return on investment, and profit over a longer period of time.

We also see how a lot of modern tipsters tend to start with the exact football tips we have mentioned above. That is: all tipsters began with selecting a proper bookmaker and making use of benefits like free bets, while overtime they managed to become successful mainly by putting together their football accumulators giving them bigger wins. The latter is clearly only possible by continuously analysing the market and turning every statistic that could affect the outcome inside out, while always taking into account the odds bookmakers have to offer. Once every bit of info is eventually gathered, the best football tipsters have the quality to pick the bets with the highest chance of returning a nice profit. Our tip? That it might therefore be a good idea to try to follow the same steps, so that you become successful yourself as well.

FAQ’s Football Betting Tips

Is it possible to make money from football tips?

Yes. It is definitely possible to make money from these football tips. Other than the usual games of chances like, for instance, roulette, bettors can actually influence their chances with their expertise. Successful football betting is therefore all about finding the right value; that is, which bet gives you the best odds and can lead to the highest winnings. By making the most of free football tips and gathering information about football on the whole or the team or league you’re interested in, you can become an expert in football betting as well.

What is the number one most important tip?

The challenging part of football is that nothing is guaranteed in this game. It is therefore rather difficult to define the most important tip, but we do want to point out that knowledge is the absolute key to success. By analysing the sport, taking into account all the info published by tipsters, and comparing the odds of different bookmakers, you should be able to find yourself valuable bets that have a higher probability to make a winning bet. Do note that in football betting it’s all about the stats and the form, so you should not let your emotions or team preferences influence your bet. The most successful bettors out there are the rational ones. 

How do I bet on someone’s football tips?

There are different ways to bet on football tips, but one of the best ways to start betting on someone’s football tips is by getting the most out of free bets. Most sportsbooks that work with tipsters offer free bets and by making use of these promotions you benefit from a very low risk to reward ratio. In your account you will both be able to bet on someone’s football tips and claim your free bets.

How do you become a tipster?

Different bookmakers let the most skilled bettors out there earn money by selling football tips. Those tips can help other punters place better bets to win money with their own bets. In order to become a tipster yourself you will not only need an account and have a compelling track record, you will also need to share free football tips in addition to paid tips. At the end it is all about adding value to the sportsbook service and helping out other punters. Usually the sportsbook itself will promote your account so that other punters will be able to see your tips. 
10 football betting tips